Sunday, May 28

3 entertainment options in southeast Iowa this weekend include comedy

Our crazy weather continues, but that doesn’t have to stop you from finding quality entertainment in southeast Iowa this weekend.

‘Crazytown’ is zany comedy by Old Fort Players in Fort Madison

On Friday, Old Fort Players offers a unique comedy as its final production of this season.

“Crazytown,” by Jonathan Rand, is about a messed-up burg in America presented as vignettes that run from just plain bizarre to fiendishly clever spoofs of American life.

There’s a police interrogation in which Mr. Nice Guy is issued a strange ultimatum, an elementary school that is the site of a heated political debate on critical issues including Tater Tots, and a delightful TV show in which two sedentary, snack-scarfing couch potatoes compete as if in a sports event.

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