Saturday, December 3

Arizona sports betting is a cash cow, but not for taxpayers

Arizona's sports books have raked in $225 million in just six months.

Merry Christmas, Ken Kendrick and Michael Bidwill. And you, Alex Meruelo and Robert Sarver.

In the first six months of legalized sports betting, Arizona’s sports books – and the professional sports team owners who have teamed up with them – have raked in a cool $225 million, according to a report by the Arizona Mirror’s Dillon Rosenblatt.

Given that, I can only imagine the untold riches rolling into the state treasury as a result of opening the state to legalized sports betting.

In fact, I’ll just have to imagine those untold riches because the public’s cut of the take is a joke: not even $10 million.

You know what else is a joke? That part of Arizona’s constitution that says our leaders can’t offer public gifts to their pals.

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