Best Interview Prep Tips

Here are some amazing tips to help you prepare for your interview. Make sure you are prepared when you walk into your interview. Instead, you should aim to come across as though the warm-up question

Here are some amazing tips to help you prepare for your interview. Make sure you are prepared when you walk into your interview.

Instead, you should aim to come across as though the warm-up question is a kind inquiry into your wellbeing. In truth, it is an inquiry into your wellbeing, only it’s in respect of possible interview nerves, not your journey there.

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Third, it’s likely that someone, somewhere, helped you to find the interview room, so offer your thanks to them even if they’re not in the room with you. Their help might have taken many forms, whether it’s the “How To Find Us” standard info pack from the HR department or a friendly greeting and direction from the receptionist. In whatever form the help arrived, acknowledge it—preferably with names. Most people don’t bother remembering that Tom in HR sent some useful directions, and that’s exactly why you should mention him. It’s what a person of good character would do.

Where does your boss think you are now?

The Real Question: How easily tempted are you to lie?

Top-line Tactic: Simple—don’t lie.

Some readers might think this question belongs in the “Curveball” article, because it certainly does feel like a curveball when it gets thrown at you. However, it’s best thought of as a character question, as deep down it’s really just a simple inquiry into how open and honest you are. Simple, but potentially devastating.

Some would say that job hunting calls for a “white lie,” where you tell your boss that you need time away to take care of a “personal matter” when really you’re interviewing for a job. But a white lie is a self-serving concept. We can all think of people we might lie to, but few we would like to have lie to us. It’s wrong to hope that everyone will tell you the truth even while you’re prepared to finesse others. In any case, “personal matter” is poor communication. It could mean anything from bereavement to ill health, neither of which should be invoked lightly. If you cite personal matters as the reason for your absence, and then get found out, you’ll have made things much worse by having played on your boss’s heartstrings.

But it’s still a thorny issue. If you lie to your boss about where you are, the interviewer won’t think much of you, but if you tell your boss the truth he’ll probably never look at you in the same way again.

The only logical courses of action are either to article a day’s vacation for your interview or, if you have the negotiating power, to ask that you be interviewed outside office hours (i.e. breakfast, lunch or evening). If you ask for an out-of-hours interview and point out that you’re not prepared to lie to your current boss, your prospective employer ought to give you brownie points. If they don’t, you’ve learned something about them that’s truly worth knowing.

One possible exception is when a firm announces impending redundancies. Then, it’s probably OK to say that you’re interviewing elsewhere. Once a company makes it clear that you and it no longer have a future together, few bosses would be mean enough to undermine your escape plans.

What are your core values?

The Real Question: Do your values line up with ours?

Top-line Tactic: Make sure you know the company’s values as well as your own.

Companies, like people, have values, and if an interviewer is asking about yours, chances are it’s to find out whether their organizational values match up with your personal ones. To impress, it helps to know what the organization’s values actually are. That’s why it’s important to look around their website before the interview and get a sense of what type of company you’re dealing with—mission driven and sustainability conscious? Cut-throat and competitive? Obsessed with safety or more interested in innovation?

Hopefully, the company’s core values were part of what prompted you to apply to them in the first place, so there’s probably significant line up between your principles and theirs. Highlight the points of overlap when you’re asked this question.

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