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Dave Chappelle ‘attacked on stage’ during Netflix Is A Joke festival | Entertainment

Dave Chappelle was reportedly attacked on stage during a live performance.

The 48-year-old comedian appeared to be attacked by a man who attempted to tackle him to the ground as he performed as part of the ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ festival at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (05.03.22).

In videos shared on social media, Chappelle can be seen standing on stage when a man suddenly charges at him from the side.

Security guards and actor Jamie Foxx ran on stage to help the comedian, while another video allegedly shows the man being detained by guards at the venue.

Chappelle later told the crowd: “I grabbed the back of that n***** head, his hair was spongy, absorbent.”

While Foxx added: “Listen, I just want to say I’ve had an incredible time. This guy is a genius, we’ve got to protect him at all times, man. This is what it’s about.

“For every comedian that comes out here, this means everything. You’re a genius, you’re a legend, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and we’re not gonna let nothing happen to you.”

In another short clip seemingly taken after the incident, the Chappelle appears to joke that the alleged attacker was a “trans man”.

The comedian previously faced a lot of backlash with fans accusing him of making transphobic comments in his 2021 Netflix special ‘The Closer’.

He later posted on Instagram and explained while he was willing to discuss the show with members of the transgender community, he wouldn’t be “bending to anybody’s demands”.

He said at the time: “To the transgender community, I am more than willing to give you an audience.

“But you will not summon me. I am not bending to anybody’s demands.”

He added: “If they had invited me I would have accepted it, although I am confused about what we are speaking about.

“I said what I said and boy I heard what you said. My god, how could I not?”

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