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Discovering the Emergence of Eye Imaging Technology that Enhances Robotic Vision

by Analytics Insight

April 30, 2022

Robotic vision

As we know, robotic eyes are quite different since they do not possess retinas, so to assist them in interacting with the world more effectively lies with the optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices that are commonly found in the ophthalmologist’s office. One of the most common eye imaging technologies that are included in most sensory packages is light detection and ranging, we also know it as LiDAR.

Autonomous car developers are exponentially investing in LiDAR technologies since it acts like radar, but instead of sending broad waves and looking for reflection, it uses short pulses of light from the lasers. But, using traditional forms of LiDAR technologies might be quite challenging since it requires detection of very weak reflected light signals, other LiDAR systems, sometimes, even mild sunlight can make the system sensitive. So, to tackle these challenges, researchers have turned to a different form of LiDAR technology known as the frequency-modulated continuous-wave LiDAR.

The FMCW LiDAR takes quite a similar approach but with its own distinctness. It is more advanced in its approach and can effectively distinguish between different frequencies and light sources. Integrating this technology into robots and autonomous cars can enhance their visionary capacities to a great extent.

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