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Elon Musk: My companies are good for the future of humanity | Entertainment

Elon Musk has insisted that his companies are “good for the future of humanity.”

The 50-year-old business magnate – who is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and recently paid $44 billion to take over social network Twitter – claimed that he does “a lot of things philanthropically” and claimed that his companies “accelerate” sustainability.

He said: “I do do a lot of things philanthropically. Really, my companies are intended to do good for the future of humanity,. With Tesla trying to accelerate the advances in sustainable transport and energy and SpaceX is um providing internet to the lesser [served] people of the world.”

The entrepreneur – who is ranked as the richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of almost $265 billion – added that he is able to help war-torn country Ukraine and that his business ventures will ultimately help the “future of civilisation.”

Speaking on the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala on Monday (02.05.22), he told Entertainment Tonight: “We are able to help Ukraine with the Starlink terminals and give connectivity, particularly in some of the hardest hit areas. So, aspirationally, I am trying to do good for humanity and the future of civilisation.”(sic)

The billionaire – who split from pop singer Grimes in September 2021 – took his mother and former model Maye to the glamorous event, who joked that although she told him not to “take on the universe”, he “never listens” to her.

She said: “I told him not to take on the world and the universe and he didn’t listen. He doesn’t listen to his mom!”

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