Thursday, December 1

F1’s Daniel Ricciardo Addresses Contract Situation With McLaren

One of the larger talking points that has taken the Formula One fanbase by storm is the status of Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren. 

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren CEO Zak Brown told Sky Sports’ Any Driven Monday, in part, “Daniel is just not comfortable yet with the car, we’re trying everything we can. Again it was a disappointing weekend. Short of [Ricciardo’s win at] Monza and a few races, it’s generally not kind of met his or our expectations, as far as what we were expecting.” And Ricciardo agreed. 

“Well, it’s not false. It’s pretty true. It’s something that … well, firstly, comments like that I don’t take personally. My skin is tanned, beautiful, and also thick,” the Australian said, in part, during the drivers’ press conference before Monaco. 

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