Friday, December 9

Freedom Week holiday will offer tax-free purchases on entertainment and some boating purchases | Florida

Planning to purchase tickets for that special concert? Purchase an annual pass to a local museum? Art season tickets? If you wait until July 1st those purchases would be tax free during Freedom Tax Week, signed by Ron DeSantis as part of what he called “largest tax relief in the history of the state of Florida.”

In signing HB7071, DeSantis not only excluded gas and diapers tax-free in Florida over the next few months, but also added a Freedom week, from July 1, 2022, to July 7th.

Items which will be exclude from tax are:

– Tickets to movies and museums

– Single admission or season tickets to theatre and dance performances

– State Park admission and annual passes

– Use of fitness facilities

– Tickets, memberships, and passes for use from July 1 to December 31

Also exempt from sales tax during Freedom Week are eligible boating and water activity supplies, camping supplies, fishing supplies, general outdoor supplies, residential pool supplies, and sporting equipment.

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