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Imagine you just spent hours or even days trying to find a new job and you don’t get a single phone call, interview, or email. That would suck wouldn’t it? Now, you can save time by letting an expert job recruiter go out and find a job for you. All you do is supply your resume, jobs you want, and locations and we take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

How Is This Different Than Other Services?

What sets this service apart is detailed reporting, completion of your order within 72 hours, and experience. Our recruiters have over 15 years of management and recruiting experience so you’re in the hands of professionals. Also, some sites just post your resume to job boards where it just sits there without any action.

Features/Benefits Of Using This Service

  • Reports

You get a full report of the work that was done. You will see every job that was applied to on your behalf.

  • Resume Critique ($100 Value)

Before work is done, we take a look at your resume to make sure it’s ok to use. If not, we will tell you to make corrections before we proceed.

  • Powerful Book

You also get a powerful book about how to find a job written by our Human Resource Executive

  • LinkedIn Connections ($1,000 value)

We help you grow your LinkedIn network which will help you dramatically increase your chance of getting a job

  • Premium Visual Resume

Get a visual resume from Visualast that can help you standout with a resume that grabs attention


How To Get Started?

1)Have your resume ready

2)Know what jobs(s) you want

3)Know the location(s) where you want to work

You provide us with your resume and job titles along with the locations and we take care of the rest. Within 72 hours you will receive a report of the work done and your phone should start to ring.

How It Works

Depending on the job(s) you are seeking and the estimated salary this will determine which order you should place. If the position(s) you are seeking are below $80,000 order the Standard Search. If the positions(s) you are seeking have a salary higher than $80,000 then order the Executive Search. If you use multiple job titles we will use the highest paying job title as the default job. You tell us up to 4 job titles you want us to find a job for you and up to 4 locations. With that information a dedicated seasoned recruiter will go and seek those opportunities. When the recruiter come’s across a match for you they will submit your resume. Once the number of submission are completed you then get a report emailed to you. The process typically takes 24-72 hours to be completed after order is received and processed.

Standard Search $147 Executive Search $497
Salaries Between $0 – $79,999
10-30 Submissions
Salaries $80,000 And Up
10-30 Submissions

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