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Google News Guest Post

Google News is an expansive platform that makes world-wide news available to readers, offering prominent branding and monetization options such as advertising and subscription sales through Subscribe with Google.

Publishing premium guest posts on news sites is an effective way to raise brand awareness, generate qualified leads and boost conversion rates. Read on to discover more about how to get your articles accepted for Google News.


Google news guest post offers website owners an unparalleled chance to gain exposure and drive traffic their way. However, in order for this type of post to be effective, it must be relevant, high quality, and well written – plus it needs to abide by certain technical specifications approved by Google.

Prior to writing a guest post, it’s essential to conduct keyword research. This will give you an understanding of the topics and keywords your target audience might be searching for. Once you know this information, you can craft content that fulfills their search intent and ranks highly on Google.

If you don’t have access to keyword research tools, another effective method for finding relevant keywords is by reading blogs from others in your industry. Doing this can help identify content gaps, topics that haven’t been adequately covered, and popular search terms you could leverage for increased traffic and rankings.

Another way to find relevant keywords is through Google Alerts. Set up an alert that notifies you when there are opportunities for guest posting or link building on other websites, eliminating much of the noise and only receiving alerts for guest posts that are pertinent to your site. This method helps reduce irrelevant alerts for guest posts that will benefit your business.

Therefore, you can be much more selective about your guest posting campaigns and only choose sites that value providing value to their readers and will provide a high-quality backlink to your website. After finding a site interested in hosting a guest post, use the same SEO tactics you employ when crafting your own blog posts to craft an effective guest post.

If you haven’t already, start working on developing a strong backlink profile to support your other SEO tactics. This includes obtaining high-quality links from authoritative sources, creating and sharing fresh content regularly, as well as submitting your site to Google’s publisher directory.


Google News is an excellent platform to get your news content seen. Featured in the top stories carousel, it can drive massive amounts of traffic directly to your website. Furthermore, being listed among news sources adds authority and credibility to your site which in turn helps boost its ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages).

If you want your articles to appear on Google News, you must meet the necessary standards. This means providing high-quality, compliant content for them to index and display. Your article must be relevant, captivating, and up-to-date; additionally, it should be written professionally without any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Furthermore, you must guarantee your site is free from malware or any other harmful elements. This includes spammy ads and links that don’t lead to a legitimate website.

Additionally, make sure your content is written using the proper title case and all proper nouns are capitalized. Google has stringent standards for this and only accepts websites which follow these standards.

Another essential step to guarantee your news content appears on Google News is optimizing your website for mobile devices. This includes using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which helps reduce page load time.

Finally, ensure your site includes an effective author bio. This should include your name, contact info and any other pertinent details about you as a writer. It may be beneficial to include links to your social media profiles too so readers can connect with you on their preferred platforms.

Google News can be an excellent way to attract more visitors to your website, but it takes some work to be accepted into their list of news sources. Submitting your website and RSS feed directly to the publisher center requires up to two months before receiving an answer; once accepted, your site will appear in both Google News’ top stories carousel as well as on Google Discover.


Google news guest post backlinks are an excellent way to increase your SEO ranking and drive traffic to your site. They provide a steady flow of quality links that are 100X more beneficial than links from regular websites since they have been approved by Google and indexed quickly.

If you’re thinking of guest posting, it is recommended that you reach out to high-quality news sites that are pertinent to your niche and already highly ranked on Google. These sites are likely to accept your article and provide a dofollow link.

It’s essential to ensure your content is fresh and up-to-date. A well-written article with recent news can attract more readers, leading to higher conversions.

Start by researching keywords and phrases pertinent to your business. These could range from product or service descriptions, through customer problems you resolve. With these keywords in hand, create articles that are both search-friendly and optimized for different audiences.

To discover news sites that accept guest posts, try using Google search to identify prominent guest bloggers in your industry and determine where their articles have been published. This will provide you with a list of sites where you can guest post to gain additional links.

Typically, articles are short (about 500 words), but they can also be long (up to 2500 words). Studies indicate that longer articles tend to rank higher in Google search results than their shorter counterparts.

When submitting your article, be sure to include your website URL, contact information and social media links. Furthermore, you can add a call-to-action button as part of the content.

Another essential aspect of your submission is to confirm that the site you are submitting to is legitimate and not a scam or fraud. Doing this will protect against getting penalized for duplicate content, spammy links, or other issues which could negatively affect your SEO performance.

Are you uncertain of how to approach a website and guarantee your guest post approval? Zoom Wings can assist. Our team of specialists can help get the approval needed, then build an impressive backlink profile that will boost your SEO.


Google News is an online platform that collects news articles from across the web. With more than 20,000 publishers, including many major news media outlets, its website features stories from around the world. Furthermore, there’s a search feature which lets users locate specific stories or sites and save them for later viewing.

Google News strives to deliver the most pertinent news to readers based on their location, interests and preferences. It filters out any subpar or irrelevant content that doesn’t meet these criteria.

To rank well on Google News, you must create high-quality news content that is timely and useful. Ideally, focus on trending topics or events relevant to your target audience.

It’s essential that your content does not overtly promote your products or services. Google often removes ads which aren’t helpful to readers, so avoid including them in news content or link anchors.

Additionally, ensure your news article is up-to-date and compliant with Google’s guidelines. This means it has an effective title, accurate dates/bylines, as well as a compelling story.

Furthermore, your article should contain internal links to related content or section pages that provide further resources. Doing this helps Google News index your site faster and boosts search engine visibility for improved efficiency.

Furthermore, use unique URLs for each of your news articles so Google bots don’t have to trawl through pages that are difficult to crawl.

Another essential aspect of news writing is to strive to establish yourself as an authority on a topic and build a reputation for authoritative reporting. To do this, publish regularly about hot topics that matter to readers and are in high demand.

Furthermore, it’s beneficial to cultivate your audience’s interest in news by offering them a diverse selection of articles and posts. Doing this will encourage visitors to return to your site when they have queries or problems. Remarketing can be an effective way to expand your audience and generate additional revenue from remarketing efforts.