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Hip Hop Radio Stations

If you live in the New York area, you may be interested in listening to a hip hop radio station. If you are looking for an urban alternative to classical music, there are several options for you to consider. Listed below are some of the top options: WHUR-FM, Streetz 94.5 FM, Wild 94.9 FM, and Dilemaradio. However, you may have an even better time finding a hip hop station that matches your tastes. You can listen to every station on

WHUR-FM is a hip hop radio station

WHUR-FM is home to the Original Quiet Storm, a smooth R&B, jazz, and soul music format. This format got its name from an album by Smokey Robinson. The program is rated number one by long-time listeners in the D.C. area, and it has spawned a whole genre of music that airs on many other stations across the country.

WHUR-FM 96.3 is an urban adult contemporary radio station licensed to Washington, D.C. and owned by Howard University. The station’s lineup includes hip hop, jazz, soul, and R&B, and a variety of local and up-and-coming artists. The station’s flagship station, WHUR 96.3, also broadcasts the syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, Love, Lust, and Lies.

The Washington Post donated WTOP-FM to Howard University, because the newspaper was prohibited from owning radio stations in the same city. On Aug. 10, 1971, Howard University Radio went on the air, replacing proto-rapping deejays. Washington, DC, was home to a burgeoning black middle class and thousands of students drawn to political organizations. The new station was a welcome change.

WHUR is home to the original Quiet Storm program, which debuted on WHUR in 1976. It was titled after the romantic hit signal by Smokey Robinson. This format had great success across the country and even Melvin Lindsey took it to another station. Sadly, Lindsey died from AIDS in 1992. It is a shame that he never got to enjoy his own music.

Streetz 94.5 FM is a hip hop radio station

Atlanta has a new hip hop radio station, Streetz 94.5 FM, which will air mornings from 8am to 10am. This station is part of Core Radio Group, which also owns Urban WWSZ-AM and W233BF (Streetz 94.5 FM). The morning show will be hosted by Yung Joc, who is the star of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Streetz 94.5 Atlanta is distributed by Superadio.

Originally, the station aired mostly hip hop music, but now plays a wider variety of genres. Its music mix is heavily influenced by T.I., Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne. The format is similar to Hot 107.9, owned by Radio One. The format of the station has helped it gain an audience, and Hot ranked No. 2 in May among 25-54-year-olds. Hegwood is also planning to hire a station manager, as well as hire a music supervisor.

If you want to listen to hip-hop music in Atlanta, you should download the free radio application for Streetz 94.5 FM. This radio application will let you listen to your favorite hip hop songs while on the go. The free radio application works without a hitch. You can listen to the music online with headphones or speakers, and even block your cell phone while you’re listening. Once you’ve downloaded the application, you can listen to music anytime, anywhere.

Wild 94.9 is a hip hop radio station

If you are looking for a hip hop radio station that has a variety of genres, Wild 94.9 in Los Angeles is the perfect place to turn. The station offers hip hop music of all genres and plays a wide variety of urban classics and rap. It is also more commercial than other hip hop radio stations, but it is a great place to start if you want to hear a good mix of music.

A hip hop radio station is essential for true hip hop music fans. These stations will help you get hyped on your favorite hip hop tunes during your morning commute or provide you with new music. It is a growing genre, particularly in the US, and according to Billboard, it will make up nearly a third of all music streams by 2020. With this kind of growth, it is no wonder that the demand for hip hop tunes is increasing.

KDAY was originally a business format radio station that recently went hip hop. It had previously dabbled in urban hip hop, but returned to classical hip hop in 2008. The station has a number of great shows for old school hip hop fans, but doesn’t have the most diverse list of new hip hop songs. This is a good alternative to KDAY for those who love old school hip hop but don’t want to listen to hip hop that’s dominated by mainstream radio.

Dilemaradio is a hip hop radio station

The internet has made it possible to listen to hip hop music around the world, thanks to the rise of Dilemaradio, a radio station that streams 24/7 Hiphop from New York. With a broad spectrum of music, you’ll be able to find your new favorite rap song without any hassle. Whether you live in New York or London, you can listen to Dilemaradio on any device.

Unlike other stations, the music that is played on Dilemaradio is chosen based on quality rather than commercial merit. The station has a long list of favorite rap songs and even hosts various talks and programs about music. Its broadcast reaches out to listeners all over the world, and its playlists are updated regularly. As of today, it has over 170 stations on the internet.

106 KMEL is a hip hop radio station

For the past 15 years, KMEL has been one of the country’s most popular hip hop radio stations, and rightfully so. The station holds the number two spot in the fourth largest radio market, and commands the largest audience in the 18-to-34 demographic. It has also established a mythical status in Bay Area hip hop. Some of its notable alums include Tupac Shakur, Davey D, Hammer, and E-40. It also launched artists such as Tracey Wong and Renel Lewis. It also engaged in social issues of the hip-hop generation.

The era of KMEL’s success is marked by two major mergers: in 1996, the station acquired KYLD, which competed with KMEL in the same demographic. Initially, KYLD had no hip hop music format, but a new format was introduced, featuring a primarily urban-oriented lineup. Since then, the two stations have had very similar lineups and music, and have been rivals in the market for a decade. Initially, the stations were positioned as competitors but grew apart. Eventually, KYLD was purchased by Clear Channel and absorbed by the radio station.

The station’s diverse programming reflects its multicultural audience. The company modelled KMEL’s diversity on Los Angeles-based KKBT. The new format featured a mixed-racial staff and a slogan, “No Color Lines.”

102.1 FM is a hip hop radio station

As the owner of the world’s first all-hip-hop radio station, Hot 97 is proud to be the go-to station for New York City’s trend-setters. The station is part of a group of stations in the city that reflect the diversity of New York and has an outstanding collection of programs and brands that span multiple social media platforms. Here are the highlights of the history of 102.1 FM: