Interview Tips For Preparation

Be sure to alert your referees that they should expect to be contacted by your prospective employer. Make sure to give them a heads up of the company and position. Also, carry a comprehensive list

Be sure to alert your referees that they should expect to be contacted by your prospective employer. Make sure to give them a heads up of the company and position.

Also, carry a comprehensive list of questions for the employer with you.

Plus, remember to carry a notebook and pen in case you need to take some notes during the interview.

Be ready to discuss anything on your résumé

Details on your résumé are what captures the attention of the recruiter and the reason they invite you for an interview. Therefore, everything on the résumé, including periods of unemployment, should be explained modestly. For instance, you do not say you were fired because of fighting. Instead, you could say that it was time for you to reassess your career path and take some online classes and now you are sure that this particular career is something you want to do. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never bad mouth your former boss.

Get your head in the right place and arrive early for the interview

It is important to spend most of the time before the interview reflecting on your career chronology to date. When you understand your story in and out it is easy to insert any example in your conversation with the interviewer. Being in a sober mind will not only give you confidence, but it will also put you in the right problem-solving mindset.

A couple of days before the interview, make sure to know the best route to the organization’s office. Look out for any delays that might be caused by traffic. You definitely do not want to show your employer that you cannot keep time even on the first day. Besides, time management is among the most crucial soft skills being sought by employers to help keep up with rapid demands and pressure.

Final thoughts

On the interview eve, get sufficient sleep. Once you wake up, prepare and remind yourself that you are worth the position. Do your final checks on your appearance in the offices’ restrooms. Review in your head the responses to questions that you are sure of being asked. Also, if you added some questions and answers in a notebook, do one final review. Make sure to switch off your cell phone to avoid even the slightest distraction from it. Then relax and remember to breathe.

Mindset and goal in approaching the interview

The ultimate goal of every individual when walking into an interview is to nail it and land the job of their dreams. Some of the people who fail in interviews are their own enemies. They spend the entire interview hoping that by divine intervention or by luck they will get the job. This thought process is the wrong interview mindset. If you want to get hired, you have to walk into the interview with the correct mind. An interview is best approached from a winning perspective, which enables you to confidently present the best version of yourself and prove that you are the best candidate.

First, you have to consider yourself worthy of the job. Essentially, employers pay employees because they add greater value to the organization than the paycheck that they receive. Therefore, you must recognize that your skills and experience make you a valuable asset in the hiring organization. Once you start feeling like your potential employer is doing you a favor by hiring you, you are most likely not to get an offer. You will look nervous and uncomfortable throughout.

Second, you should believe that you can actually get the job. Visualize yourself getting the offer. If anything, you would not have been invited for the interview were you not a serious job candidate. This invitation is in itself an accomplishment that shows that you are being seriously considered for the position. All that is left at this time is to prove that you are the best fit. Therefore, visualize yourself as being the right person and start imagining what the success feels like.

While there is usually some degree of luck in the hiring process, you should not at any given time count on this luck. The correct interview mindset is way different from counting on luck. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, and then bring that focus into the interview room. Notwithstanding, you should walk into the interview room knowing that no interview is a waste of time. Whether or not you get the job offer, any interview opens up your mind into higher possibilities and better performance in your next interview.

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