Wednesday, December 7

Local company creates technology to help stop school shooters

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (KDVR) — In the wake of the Texas school shooting that killed 19 people, there’s been a renewed conversation about how to keep buildings, like schools, safer.

Isotec is a security company in Westminster working to help solve the problem of school safety by planning for the worst.

The company has created bulletproof glass that is impenetrable by an array of firearms.

“This is a piece of polycarb and we’ve tested it for all these different [bullets]; a rifle, a 9 millimeter, a 357 magnum and a 45 caliber. These are very common weapons and it stopped penetration of every one of those,” an employee with Isotec said.

Meanwhile, their doors are designed to keep the threat out.

“We can put any kind of screening device in there whether it’s a metal detector, facial recognition and hand geometry. Basically, the person going through the system has to be able to pass all those screening devices before they’re allowed in the building,” the employee said.

The Department of Homeland Security designated Isotec’s security entrances as qualified anti-terrorism technologies.

“This is automated and you don’t have to depend on that human factor of making the right decision. It’s a machine, if it sees metal, it stops you,” the employee explained.

The newest technology doesn’t care who you are, what you look like, or where you’re from. The high-tech systems are already being used in banks, airports, IT facilities and government buildings.

Isotec said their security could help schools become safer too. The only problem is screening kids one by one at the start of the day would take a very long time.

“A lot of kids are bringing in laptops now, and tablets and thermoses and stuff like that, things that can set off a metal detector. So we actually have another metal detector that is made for high throughput and it has very high discrimination so it can tell the difference between a gun and a thermos or a tablet,” the Isotec employee described.

A solution that could be a simple and affordable way to save lives.

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