Thursday, February 2

Mets’ Trevor May Headed For MRI

NEW YORK — The Mets could be on the verge of losing one of their premiere setup men to the injured list.

Following another rough outing in relief for Trevor May, who allowed two runs during the Mets’ 5-2 loss to the Braves on Monday night, the righty revealed that he has been pitching through an injury that hasn’t gotten better. As a result, he will head for an MRI on Tuesday.

“I’m not feeling 100 percent healthy. Trying to work through some stuff. Not really battling through it,” May said. “It’s hard to compete when you’re just worried if something is going to hurt when you throw, to the point where I’m not very comfortable throwing my best pitches and taking too much time in between pitches to reset and try to get a little bit of energy to throw another one. By the end [of my outing] I was hoping that the ball was hit to someone. That’s no way to throw in a major league game.”

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