Tuesday, January 31

‘Modern technology promises better healthcare’

Islamabad : Innovations in technology are among the key forces for positive changes in the healthcare industry, said a major manufacturer of hi-tech medical devices.

“From patient care to medical research and training, every aspect of healthcare is being affected by technological advances and operational reforms. Hospital stays are becoming shorter as more procedures can be carried out on an outpatient basis thanks to advances in diagnostic techniques and treatments, as well as the availability of better-quality medical equipment for independent use, and cohesive bandages are one such development in the healthcare industry that helped the people in many ways, especially in terms of first aid,” AB Medicals CEO Kanwar Muhammad Tariq told reporters here.

He said he was all set to introduce Pakistan’s very first cohesive bandage in the market. Kanwar Tariq said his organisation took the bold initiative to bring the change in the conventional healthcare industry by introducing Pakistan’s first cohesive bandage, which adhered only to itself and not the skin or other surfaces.

“The cohesive bandage is a popular choice as it does not stick to the skin or hair while providing compression because it’s easy and less painful to remove,” he said.

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