Saturday, May 27

New Gospel Rap Music

For people who love to hear the latest rap and gospel songs, the new Gospel Rap music by Bra Collins is an excellent choice. Titled The Sinners Prayer, this gospel inspired song aims to bring all sinners to Jesus Christ and gives his own life story as a model for following Him. While rapping in hip hop style, Bra Collins reaches out to the audience through gospel inspiration music.


If you enjoy hip hop and gospel music, you will be glad to know that PTtheGospelSpitter just released a new hit single SfTK Remix on all major platforms. SfTK Remix has been living on the charts and is making waves on the gospel hip hop scene. Make sure you listen to it today. You won’t be disappointed.

Prince Jennifer Nnenna Eze

If you are looking for a new singer to listen to, then you may want to check out the gospel rap music of Princess Jennifer Nnenna Eze. She is from Ebonyi State in Nigeria and was introduced to rap music at the age of eight. Despite never having heard the gospel side of rap music before, Princess Jennifer has made a statement with her new song “Free”.

Ty Brasel

Whether you’re a hip hop fan or are looking for an authentic gospel hip hop artist, you’re sure to enjoy Ty Brasel’s latest mixtape, Destiny. This mixtape is a self-reflection on Brasel’s past, and is sure to inspire other believers. With tracks like “Move On” and “Made to Move,” Brasel has earned a place among today’s hip hop scene.

The project was developed at the start of the global pandemic, and it draws heavily from Kendrick Lamar. The songs are based on Brasel’s personal experiences, and he delivers a message of hope and healing for those who have experienced depression and other struggles. This project is not without its moments of darkness, but Brasel’s message is that it’s OK to fall.

Destiny is a YouTube exclusive album that follows Ty Brasel’s previous albums, 2020’s The Divine Storm, and Destined For Greatness. The two albums combined have garnered 53 million streams. Hit tracks on Destiny include “Praying Hands,” “Night Dreaming,” and “Highlight.” A motivational mixtape, Destiny reminds listeners that nothing can stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

Michael Peace

Michael Peace is one of the most influential hip hop artists in the Christian genre. He was one of the first solo artists in this genre and is widely considered the “Grandfather” of Christian rap. He was awarded the African-American of Distinction award by New York Governor Mario Cuomo in 1994. He founded his own foundation, Michael Peace and Associates, which has helped disadvantaged children and has spearheaded the establishment of schools.

Michael Peace’s first album, Rrrock It Right, was released in 1987. Another album, Preachers in Disguise, released in 1988, was also gospel rap. Preachers in Disguise’s street style merged Run DMC with clergy collars. Several groups, including the Los Angeles group S.F.C. (“Soldiers for Christ”), have also self-produced albums of gospel rap. In 1987, S.F.C. released the self-produced album Fully Armed. The album’s first single, “Listen Up,” featured old-school hip-hop sounds and samples from Happy Days and Gamble and Huff.

Bra Collins

Gospel rap artist, Bra Collins, has released a new song entitled, “The Sinners Prayer.” It is a powerful song that encourages all sinners to turn to God. Bra Collins uses his own life experience as an example of following Christ. The new song is a great choice for your next album. If you’re looking for a new song to download, give “Love and Forgiveness” a try.

After years of a successful career in hiplife music, Bra Collins felt that God was calling him to something bigger. He began to see that many youth were versed in rap music, and felt that it was wise to preach the gospel in this popular genre. His vision was to prove that rap music is a powerful tool for winning souls. In order to achieve his goal, Bra Collins decided to form his own band, End Time Music, and began releasing new gospel rap music.

Though a US-based Ghanaian, Bra Collins has been doing unfathomable things in the past year. He has already secured nominations for US-based Gospel Artiste and Male Artiste of the Year, among other honors. His ‘Adom Bi’ single, featuring veteran hip hop artist Obrafour, has been nominated for several awards including US-based Best Gospel Song and Best International Collaboration of the Year.


If you’re interested in Christian hip hop, you might have heard of Wande. This Nigerian-American hip hop artist has been featured on ESPN and USA Today. Her music blends intense raps with beautiful melodic singing, while still maintaining a message of faith. Read on to learn more about the artist who’s making a big splash in the Christian hip hop scene. Here are a few reasons why you might want to check out her new album.

Wande was born Mutiat Yewande Isola in Nigeria and raised in Texas. Her first name, Mutiat, means “devout Muslim” in Nigerian. She uses her middle name, Wande, to differentiate herself from her religious upbringing. Growing up, Wande attended church with her mother and went through a “god phase” where she figured out who God was. She eventually converted to Christianity during her teenage years, calling it “the best decision I ever made.”

Since her signing with Reach Records, Wande has been releasing music to be embraced by a wider audience. Her songs are sonically grand, and her Christian gospel lyrics are uplifting. Her music has garnered positive feedback from a wide range of audiences. With two extended plays, The Decision and Exit, she has already released several singles. In addition to being signed to Reach, Wande is also releasing a remix of “Blessed Up,” featuring Lecrae and Mike Todd. The song premieres tonight, and you can listen to it on YouTube.