Wednesday, March 22

New Indie Rap Music

If you’re looking for a good place to start your music career, new indie rap music is the way to go. This genre of music has a thriving and growing community. Independent acts are booming, and some of the most interesting new indie rap artists are already making waves on the Internet. To learn more about the scene, check out this guide to independent rap. Okayplayer’s comprehensive guide covers everything from record labels to A&Rs to contracts. It’s gold mine for aspiring acts and artists alike. Indie artists who need music promotion should check out iTunes Exposure. They can get your single, EP, or album heard worldwide.


J.L.J the Houston native just released his latest album The Introduction. The album has a single that charted in UK in the Top 15 in Rap/Hip Hop. The single Keep it Krunk is making waves online worldwide. If you haven’t already heard it you should check it out today.

Budjerah Slabb

This booming singer from the outback of Australia was a big social media sensation last year, thanks to her gospel background and slick R&B pop manufacturing. The Australian songwriter and producer, Matt Corby, produced her self-titled debut EP. While her roots are in gospel music, her new style of indie rap melds cinematic power with slick R&B pop production. Her collaboration with PNAU, Australian membership legends, is another example of how she’s bringing the music to a wider audience.

Originally from Fingal Head, Slabb’s music style fuses traditional R&B, pop and gospel. Her laid-back approach and diverse influences are reminiscent of artists like Kee’ahn, Lianne La Havas and Matt Corby. The album features tracks that reflect Budjerah’s deep connection with her heritage, and she’s also influenced by gospel.

This artist has already forged a reputation for being a bad liar. But that trait doesn’t stop her from producing honest music. Even at her young age, Slabb is already writing genuinely honest music. And that’s a trait that shouldn’t be negotiable, right? That’s why her new EP “The Storyteller” is so refreshing.

Navy Blue

“Song of Sage: Post Panic! is an attempt to process black trauma on a global scale. The lyrics trace the history of how slavery led to black trauma. The album is full of imagery and lyricism that evokes nostalgia and reminiscence. The production values are solid, and the beats are well-crafted. The album features an all-star cast of musicians, including Brooklyn’s Jah-Monte, Phiik, and Flowy.

The raw emotion and stream of consciousness that are prevalent in Navy Blue’s music are infectious and endearing. Ambient rap is a rising genre and the rapper’s peers include MIKE, Billy Woods, Mach-Hommy, and Earl. These musicians embrace lyricism, which Navy Blue also embraces. This is one of his most impressive albums yet. But before diving into “Navy Blue”, you should listen to “Seasons of Love.”

“Season of Love” is Navy Blue’s debut album, and it’s a stunning introduction to his music. The album’s full poetic monologue explores the impact of ancestral trauma on Navy’s identity. The album is an expression of the artist’s spirituality, and Navy’s songwriting is a deep meditation. He also explores ancestral trauma and the concept of grief. His words are often haunting and moving, and the album’s songs evoke a sense of awe and reverence.


Chester Terris is a hip-hop artist and producer based in Chester, Pennsylvania. This young artist has been making music since he was seventeen, and his 2016 album Past Cloaks made an impact on the underground rap scene. His lo-fi, sample-heavy music was a welcome change from the usual sound of hip-hop, and the music he created was also a refreshing addition to the genre.

Bennington’s death has shocked the music world. Linkin Park fans mourned his sudden passing, and his son Tyler Bennington wrote him a note before heading to work that day. He stuck the note to Bennington’s coffee mug, which he later revealed to be his favorite place to read in the world. The note was a homage to Bennington, and featured a reference to “Castle of Glass,” his favorite movie.

The song “Reflections” is the second single from the band’s new album Fell Asleep Praying, which is due on August 26. Chester Bennington has been a fan of the band since the band’s formation in 2010 and is one of the most consistent and prolific rappers in the genre. The Phoenix is the band’s fourth album, and will mark Chester’s return to the mainstream.


The “I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead” album is a throwback to the indie-underground rap sound of the ’90s. That style of rap music was known for its experimental, abstract rhymes and anti-mainstream attitude. El-P was an early member of this style and helped to pioneer it. His label, Definitive Jux, had gorgeously designed CD booklets and toured in package tours.

“Raspberry Fields” is a highlight from the album. Its vocal samples are distorted and the instrumentals are lo-fi. The song even features a vocal sample from a Mobb Deep demo recorded under the name Poetical Prophets. El and Mobb Deep had met in their youth and reunited in 2014.

In addition to releasing solo albums, El-P collaborated with acclaimed hip hop producer Killer Mike. Together, they formed the hip hop group Run the Jewels. This duo has released four studio albums for free and received widespread acclaim. El-P’s “Fantastic Damage” is arguably the best-selling indie rap album of the ’00s. And while this album may not be as personal as Fantastic Damage, it’s still a massive, influential album.


Crimeapple has been a prolific artist from New Jersey for a number of years, but his output has been hit or miss, depending on who he collaborates with. His debut album, Metralleta, was excellent, and the EPs that followed featured DJ Skizz and Muggs. His following releases, though, have been less notable. In the last two years, he’s released a number of singles and a full-length album.


The first single from ELUCID’s forthcoming album Rapping is For Idiots explores the concept of capitalism, acknowledging that privilege exists and embracing the material excess of it. It’s part of the Miserable Then EP, produced by ELUCID and released on the Backwoodz Studios label. ELUCID’s music is well suited for the film, which is set in a flaming car.

The hip-hop duo Armand Hammer, Elucid and Billy Woods have a reputation for progressive production and incisive lyrics. The duo’s debut album has earned critical acclaim for its edgy and evocative lyrics. Although the album is mostly instrumental, there are moments of hypnotic melodicism, which is both playful and sombre.

In addition to collaborating with artists like The Lasso and Lando Chill, ELUCID is also part of a duo called Small Bills. The group is releasing a new album on October 30 via Mello Music Group. Small Bills also features Billy Woods, Moor Mother, Koncept Jackson, Nosaj, and Fielded. If you’re a fan of new indie rap music, check out Elucid’s debut album and start listening.

Boldy James

In 2014, Boldy James signed to Nas’ Mass Appeal Records, and after a few years, he broke out on his own. He then independently teamed up with the legendary producer Alchemist to create the new album, The Price of Tea in China. With this project, James explores the city of Buffalo, a place between Canada and Detroit that is still in the middle of the coldest winter in Michigan. His music is moody, and he captures the atmosphere of this city, while The Alchemist adds unique beats and textures that compliment the artist’s distinctive style.

The production of this album is superb, with beats that are largely comprised of crumbling jazz loops and twinkling synth grooves. Boldy’s style is conversational, with a loose cadence that wraps around the beats like a rubber band. He raps in full bars, rhyming entire bars and delivering a relaxed vibe. The songs themselves are hypnotic, with his unique blend of rushing and manic flow.

This versatile artist realized his potential in 2020, releasing four different albums. These records ranged from decent to near-masterpieces. For each release, he collaborated with a different producer, and both leaned on his delivery and his desire to experiment. The result is a unique, personal sound that is uniquely Boldy James. If you’re looking for new indie rap music, this is a must-listen.