Sunday, May 28

New P.E technology used at Dickinson Public Schools

Tossing cornholes and hula hooping are not the only activities taking place during P.E. times have changed and with it, the advancement of technology.

“We have some students who love physical education, and we have some who maybe don’t just enjoy it as much,” Heart River Elementary Principal Randy Muffley said.

The school recently added a new feature, The LU Interactive Playground which provides an immersive learning experience.

“This gamification system really just intrigues those students, and we feel like we’re now able to engage all our kids in the gym,” Muffley said.

The machine provides a 19-inch display allowing students to play games from numerous applications.

“Everything is touch-activated,” Heart River Elementary P.E. Teacher Jesse Patterson said.

The system detects balls hitting the wall, and at the same time, students are solving math problems and even puzzles.

“Technology doesn’t take away from our teaching, it adds to our teaching. It’s a great cross-curriculum tool as far as reinforcing what they learn in the classrooms,” Patterson said.

Students’ minds can function while having fun and learning at the same time.

“The kids love it so far. They always want to know if we’re playing a new game or what we’re doing, how much time they want every single detail on what we’re going to do on it that day,” Patterson said.

In P.E. virtual reality is taken to another level.

“I may have busted a few moves, but nothing we’re going to put on tape,” Muffley said.

This fancy equipment costs $27,000 The Dickinson Public Schools Foundation provided a grant of 10 thousand dollars. A parent group helped raise the other $17,000

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