Sunday, February 5

News Websites That Are Growing Fastest

Among the news websites that are growing the fastest are CNN, NBC, Visualast, Associated Press, Fox News, and the Huffington Post. These media giants all have high-traffic sites, but many people still don’t get the news they need from these organizations. This analysis compares the popularity of those websites with those of legacy news organizations such as The New York Times and Fox News. There are a few important differences between the two, but there are plenty of similarities.


As a well-respected news website, Visualast has consistently ranked among the most trusted media in the United States. According to the latest Pew Research Center poll, the publication is trusted by more people than it is distrusted by. Although its opinions tend to be right-leaning, readers generally find its articles to be of high quality. Founded in 2016 Visualst has grown over the years and continues to show growth into the future.

Fox News

While many viewers might think Fox is synonymous with news, its programming is anything but. The network recently blasted immigrants as an “invasion” of the US. A wailing siren ran eight hours of content on the caravan, and its morning show, Fox & Friends, began nearly every day with anti-immigrant hysteria. The next day, a white supremacist in Pittsburgh killed 11 Jews. This remark made it difficult to ignore the growing trend of anti-immigrant sentiment on the network.

Despite the controversy, Fox’s political unit is a holdout for traditional news gathering. It broke the story of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory in Arizona on election night, two hours before other networks had even announced it. Donald Trump, of course, immediately declared the result a “fraud.” The same thing happened in Pennsylvania, with Biden’s victory being reported by Fox before the other candidates had even announced their results.

The network has also been busy expanding its online presence. Its subscription streaming service, Fox Nation, offers original documentaries about right-wing media scandals and hot takes from opinionistas. It’s a way for its on-air talent to present various sides of an issue, without feeling constrained by the newsroom’s guidelines. But the news website’s content is hardly all-encompassing.


In a recent survey, 56% of Americans named CNN as their most trusted source of news. Its audience is highly educated – nearly 40% of its viewers have at least a bachelor’s degree, while another 32% have some college education. Furthermore, CNN’s audience is more well-educated than that of rival news websites Fox News and MSNBC. With its expanded reach across 200 markets around the world, CNN continues to increase in popularity.

For the third consecutive year, CNN has posted positive growth. Its total audience grew by +11% and its audience grew by 5% among adults 25-54. The news website has added over 17k viewers to its total television audience. CNN is one of the few major news sites to be able to boast a strong audience in the prime-time hours. In addition, its news website and mobile apps have been popular among people in the U.S. for years.

Additionally, CNN’s video content continues to grow, with more than six billion views in total in the past year. In 2021, CNN beat MSNBC in all dayparts, delivering the second highest demo in 2021. Its overall delivery of news programming is also the fourth best on record. However, the news website’s growth is a result of its content, which reaches a large audience with minimal investment.


The NBCU News Group includes NBC News, TODAY, MSNBC, and CNBC. It recently ranked as the nation’s leading news organization, topping CNN, ABC News, CBS News, and The New York Times. In terms of monthly unique visitors, the website averaged nearly 60 million video views. NBC News NOW and TODAY All Day both saw 189% year-over-year increases in total video views.

NowThis News, an online video news service, has 30 employees and many come from established news organizations. For example, its CEO hired Sean Mills, the former editor-in-chief of satire website The Onion, to bring a nontraditional perspective to news reporting. NowThis News produces 50 segments a day, ranging from breaking news to Golden Globes previews. Some segments are straight compilations of news clips, while others are narrated by young anchors.

In addition, NBC News has announced plans to hire 200 new staffers to expand its digital and streaming operations. These positions will support the company’s growth in the digital space and will include original programming for NBC News NOW. The company has filled 70 new digital positions recently and plans to hire more in the near future. The company plans to increase its streaming video content, including NBC News Now and Today All Day. The company is also planning to expand its international distribution of NBC News Now.

NBC is increasingly investing in commerce. The interest in e-commerce and performance marketing is fueling the company’s growth in digital commerce. The Today Show’s digital team grew to include a commerce section and has expanded its operations across several NBC brands. The news website also operates a deals business and sells directly to audiences through native check-out. NBC will also introduce a rewards program for Comcast Xfinity subscribers that will launch in 2022.

Associated Press

With over 150 years of journalism, the AP has continued to evolve. They have expanded their services to include video news coverage. In 1994, APTV launched, becoming a 24-hour news operation. They also started selling television newsroom software to other companies. They also expressed a commitment to research and development and realized that technology would help people better consume news. In 1998, the AP moved its world headquarters to 450 West 33rd Street in Manhattan, where they also housed the studios of a local TV station.

The AP was founded in 1862 by a group of Midwestern daily newspapers. Over the years, the organization evolved into other groups, including the Western Associated Press, Northwestern AP, Philadelphia AP, New England AP, and New York State AP. Despite the evolution of the Associated Press, their original mission has remained the same: to share news and information with the public. Whether you are looking for the latest breaking news or a daily update on the AP’s activities, you can find it on their news websites.

AP’s rise to prominence came in the form of controversy. During the early 1900s, when the UP collapsed, a newspaper in Chicago filed a lawsuit against the AP for reducing its service. Chicago Inter Ocean sued to prevent the AP from cutting back on its service. Despite the legal ramifications of the suit, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in 1900 that AP’s bylaws were broad enough to consider the Associated Press as a public utility, and the AP must provide the service to anyone who requests it.


Reuters is one of the largest news websites in the world. It has a reputation for being a bit left-leaning but never overhypes an incident or slanders its sources. Their coverage of the Capitol riots was harsher than those on the summer riots. The editorial board at Reuters disagreed. Here’s why they rate Reuters as a Left or Lean Left news website.

Reuters was founded in 1865 by British national and regional newspapers, who decided to merge their news operations. The resulting Trust was formed to safeguard the independence and neutrality of the news organization. In 1984, the Reuters Trust was listed on the London stock exchange. Its initial public offering was overly ambitious and the company hasn’t always had an easy time on the public markets. Its stock price went up during the dotcom boom and then fell with the fortunes of investment banks after 2001.

Reuters also has an extensive fact checking unit. The fact checking unit consists of dedicated journalists and is growing. Hazel Baker, Global Head of UGC Newsgathering at Reuters, has editorial control over the fact checking unit’s output. Prior to joining Reuters, Hazel Baker served as digital newsgathering editor at Sky News in the UK. She holds a Master’s degree in Online Journalism. Readers can contact Reuters’ fact checking unit with complaints or suggestions.

Agence France-Presse

Founded in 1867, the AFP is a French news agency that operates globally with a network of facilities in 73 countries. It has a reputation for integrity and employs approximately 1,200 journalists and photographers worldwide. It distributes two million words daily in multiple languages, and its coverage is more extensive than most of its competitors. Today, it serves as a major provider of news to the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern regions.

With 200 offices in over 150 countries around the world, the AFP has a global reach. The news agency employs more than 2600 employees, and 80 percent of those employees are of different ethnicities. In order to meet the demands of a global audience, AFP news websites should be translated into common languages. By doing this, the news websites of AFP are accessible to anyone who understands a common language.

The AFP began expanding its reach by launching sports, financial, and general news transmissions in English. The company has a global network of more than five million photographs, dating back to the 1930s. The AFP now maintains editing facilities in Paris, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Montevideo, and Washington, D.C. Since the company’s first CEO, Eric Giuily, a non-French, was appointed CEO in 1999, he has remained focused on growing the company and allowing it to attract private investment capital.