Principles of Interview Etiquette

I cannot think of a situation more difficult than walking into an interview room with a stranger who has the upper hand and who questions everything you say or do. It is easy to lose

I cannot think of a situation more difficult than walking into an interview room with a stranger who has the upper hand and who questions everything you say or do. It is easy to lose your composure and confidence, which then makes everything else go haywire. As you prepare to attend the next interview, remember to equip yourself with business etiquette as it is a core pillar to successful interviews.

Your etiquette determines whether or not you get to the next level of the recruitment process. Most job candidates spend much of their time and energy thinking about their skills and qualifications to present to the interviewer and forget about personal conduct. Good manners determine the success of a business relationship since they determine how you establish rapport with other people. Your manner of behavior toward others is equally important as your résumé and any kind of experience. It is no surprise, therefore, that recruiters are interested in individuals who will fit within their business family.

The following guidelines reflect the principles of interview etiquette that show you how to avoid some mistakes job hunters have made and which derail them from reaching their goal.

How to Greet your interviewers

Interviewers are most often referred to by their first name. Chances of offending someone by referring to them by their first name are minimal since it is the universal standard of meeting someone for the first time. However, calling someone by their last name shows a sense of respect and it directly tells them that you consider them important. Remember that the employer is looking for suggestions that you will be easy to work with, fully understanding the organizational management structure and respecting it.

Table talk

After greeting, the interviewer should remain standing until or unless you are asked to sit. Once you are offered a seat, refrain from feeling comfortable to the point of placing your belongings, such as a handbag, on the table. Be humble enough to place them under your chair or beside your legs. Only a professional binder should be placed on the table near you. Remember to turn down the offer of a drink politely if one is offered. Finally, sit up properly without moving your feet around.

Ensure your cell phone is completely off

An interview is definitely one of the most crucial gatherings in your life and a phone distraction is not worth ruining such a meeting. Interviewers are keen to notice a phone’s vibration; thus, it should be totally off. If possible, do not enter the interview room with your phone. At this moment there is nothing more important than your conversation with your potential employer. They will want to know if you can serve their clients without being distracted by your own personal gadget. Therefore, make sure to avoid the distraction at all costs.

Let the company take the lead during the conversation

Sometimes your interviewer may be laid back or soft-spoken, which may tempt you to get things going. You may start assuming the lead position and you eventually become inconsequential. Refrain from giving in to the temptation and let the interviewer take the lead regardless of their style. Go silent and do not look bored whenever they go silent. After all, you have nothing to worry about if you are well prepared. So just relax. Talking too much is a common mistake that interviewees make. It is easy to begin explaining things that are uncalled for when your employer is a person of few words.

Do not talk over the speaker

The most disturbing aspect in an interview is stepping into the interviewer’s last two to three words of a statement and talking over without even extending the courtesy to letting them finish their statement. It is mentioned in another article that one of the best tips of answering interview questions is not rushing to answer the question. In this chapter, it comes off as a principle of etiquette. Show that you would respect the management and that you have good listening skills, which are so valuable in today’s business world.

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