Wednesday, March 22

SC to Sandigan: Embrace technology

MANILA, Philippines — Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo challenged the Sandiganbayan to keep up with the times and embrace technology as he emphasized that the judiciary is gearing up not only for the pandemic, but also for the future.

“We are making use of technological advancements to make sure that, regardless of the situation, the court can continue with its duty of dispensing justice to all, swiftly and efficiently,” Gesmundo said during his speech at the 44th anniversary of the Sandiganbayan, where he was the guest of honor.

He served at the Sandiganbayan from 2005 to 2017 before he was appointed to the Supreme Court and became the 27th Chief Justice of the Philippines last year.

In his speech, Gesmundo discussed the Strategic Plan for Judicial Innovations (SPJI) 2022-2027, a plan guided by innovation agenda in a bid to review and assess the organizational structure and operations of the various offices in the judiciary.

He said the SPJI also aims to develop and establish an information and communications technology infrastructure for the judiciary, founded with four guiding principles: justice that is timely and fair, transparent and accountable, equal and inclusive, and has technologically adaptive management.

The Chief Justice expressed belief that these guiding principles will help the judiciary achieve three outcomes: efficiency, innovation and access.

“One with the nation looking forward to a new tomorrow, is the Sandiganbayan prepared to uplift the morale of its every official and employee toward change? Is the Sandiganbayan prepared to tread the path of new technology?” Gesmundo said in Filipino before officials and employees of the anti-graft court.

“Is the Sandiganbayan ready to strengthen the principles of honesty, accountability and honor that are the only foundation of our public trust? There’s no bigger salutation to the judiciary than continuing the imminence of change,” he added.

Before concluding his speech, Gesmundo expressed hope that change will grow in the Sandiganbayan for the Filipino people, for the Philippines and for everyone.

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