Wednesday, June 7

SEAS, Ford host talk on carbon technology research, climate justice policies with Benjamin K. Sovacool

Benjamin K. Sovacool, professor of earth and environment at Boston University, spoke at a climate justice event at the Dana Samuel Trask Building on Friday to discuss his work on social inequities in the transition to low-carbon energy sources and recommend several policy initiatives to reduce them.

The event, which was jointly hosted by The School for Environment and Sustainability and the School of Public Policy, began with Sovacool highlighting a study he worked on to understand the disparate effects of four prominent low-carbon technologies: clean cookstoves, food-sharing, electric vehicles and solar panels. 

The study found that all four technologies perpetuated social inequities across racial, class and gender lines, as well as across geography and generations and between humans and non-humans. Sovacool said it is important to consider not only the presence of each distinct inequity but also how they connect and exacerbate each other. 

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