Wednesday, February 8

Subwoolfer deliver madcap performance at Eurovision Song Contest | Entertainment

Norway’s Subwoolfer put on arguably the most bonkers performance of the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’.

Singing ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ – which is said to be inspired by ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ – the anonymous duo, who go by the pseudonyms Keith and Jim, were joined by their DJ Astronaut and donned yellow wolf-head masks as they sang the undeniably catchy and quirky euro-dance banger.

They sing: “If you don’t like the name Keith I’ma call you Jim/ And before that wolf eats my grandma/ Give that wolf a banana.”

It’s rumoured that one of them is 90s boy band star Ben Adams of A1 fame, but it doesn’t look like we will be finding out anytime soon.

Elsewhere, Spain’s Chanel left little to the imagination with a racy performance of club banger ‘SloMo’.

The raunchy twerk-heavy choreography is by Kyle Hanagami, who is behind dance routines for pop megastars, including Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

Elsewhere, Armenia’s Rosa Linn performed in a makeshift room made out of what appeared to be toilet roll or sticky notes and uncovered key lyrics of her song ‘Snap’ behind the pieces of paper.

Commentator Graham Norton joked that she had bought up all the toilet roll in the COVID-19 lockdown when there was a shortage due to panic buying in the UK.

Italy – who won last year (Maneskin) – stole the first half of the show with one of the best performances of the night and had the crowd singing every line to ‘Brividi’.

Performing on the waterfall stage, Mahmood and BLANCO broke off into a rap-off after impressing with their flawless powerhouse vocals.

They ended by embracing each other after ending with a hair-raising high note.

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