Tuesday, June 6

Technology’s critical role in the hybrid learning experience

Over the past two years we’ve seen a rapid digital acceleration in the workplace, in order to support the growing number of hybrid workers. However, it’s not only the workplace where this acceleration has happened. The education sector is greatly benefiting from the digital shift, with a vast number of EdTech products now helping bring a more comprehensive and personalized learning space to students, whether they be remote or in-person.

About the author

Matt Waring is Education Channel Manager at Logitech.

Remote and hybrid learning platforms have become the norm for education around the world, and technology has been essential in supporting this. However, schools can no longer afford to rely on bare bones technology that acts as a temporary solution. To reap the benefits of hybrid learning, schools and universities now need to be investing in advanced technology that helps to both replicate in-person teaching and enhance the learning experience.

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