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Vicky White news – latest: Fugitive showed ‘no remorse’ over partner’s death in Evansville, police say

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The nationwide manhunt for a double murder suspect and the correctional officer who helped him escape ended with car chase, a crash, and and a fatality on Monday. Alabama police received a tip on Sunday — one of hundreds — that ultimately proved fruitful and led into a confrontation with escaped inmate Casey White and Vicky White, the corrections officer.

During a press conference on Tuesday, police revealed that they found a trove of weapons inside the couple’s car, as well as $29,000 in cash. According to officials, the couple planned to have a shootout with police, but were stopped before they could bring their plan to fruition.

A “short” police chase ensued, according to Lauderdale County, Alabama, Sheriff Rick Singleton, which ended when a US Marshal smashed into the pair’s Cadiallac. After the crash, Mr White was apprehended, while Ms White died following a reportedly self-inflicted gunshot.

Mr Singleton said no officers fired a shot during the car chase, and that Mr White showed “no remorse” over Ms White’s death.

Mr White was returned to jail on Tuesday after spending 10 days on the run. Investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened, how the duo coordinated the escape, and exactly what their relationship was prior — and during — their flight.


Police defend investigation after car wash owner says officers didn’t take tip seriously

Officials have sought to defend their search for the fugitive lovers after the owner of an Indiana car wash said police didn’t take him seriously when he first reported the couple’s abandoned vehicle last week.

James Stinson told NewsNationNow that he noticed the 2006 Ford F-15 abandoned at Weinbach Car Wash last week.

Mr Stinson said he noticed that the pickup truck had Tennessee licence plates and alerted authorities.

But when an officer arrived on the scene they said they couldn’t do anything as the vehicle hadn’t been reported stolen, he said.

The business owner had the vehicle towed away himself last Wednesday.

It was Sunday when he was finally contacted by the US Marshals Service about the truck and Mr Stinson checked his surveillance footage, finding White on video at his business last Tuesday.

On Monday, officials released the images and confirmed the truck as belonging to the fugitives.

In Tuesday’s press conference, officials defended their actions saying that an officer ran the plate back on 2 May during routine patrols of parking lots but because it wasn’t reported as stolen didn’t take action.

When the car wash owner also reported the vehicle two days later, the officer told him he would have to wait 48 hours before it could be towed or he could remove it on his own.

At that time, officials said there was no indication it was connected to the fugitives on the run from Alabama.

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Fugitive couple’s end goal

What was the end goal for double murder suspect Casey White and correctional officer Vicky White, who helped him escape?

According to police, it was to have a shoot out.

Rachel Sharp has more on the couple’s plan in her story below:

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Police said the fugitive’s plan was ‘faulty’

Law enforcement officials said double murder suspect Casey White and correctional officer Vicky White’s plan to evade police and potentially get into a shoot out with them was poorly thought out.

Asked about what the suspects’ plan was after fleeing the correctional facility, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding told reporters that the “criminals” had a “faulty” plan.

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A trove of guns and nearly $30,000 in cash were found in the fugitives’ car

Police found a trove of firearms — including an AR-15 — as well as $30,000 in cash inside the vehicle double murder suspect Casey White and corrections officer Vicky White were using to try to escape capture.

US Marshals rammed the car off the road and flipped it Monday while pursuing the couple.

Mr White said he had hoped to use the guns to have a shoot out with the police.

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ICYMI: Fugitives hoped to have shoot out with police

Police claim that double murder suspect Casey White told them he was planning on having a shoot out with them, but his plans were thwarted when they flipped his car.

Upon finding the fugitives, US Marshals rammed into Mr White’s car and flipped it. Mr White was apprehended, and correctional officer Vicky White, who helped him escape, was found unconscious after she shot herself in the head.

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Sheriff said Vicky White was an “exemplary” employee

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singelton called correction officer Vicky White an “exemplary” employee during a press conference earlier on Monday.

“I had every bit of trust in Vicky White. She has been an exemplary employee. What in the world provoked her, prompted her to pull a stunt like this? I don’t know. I don’t know if we’ll ever know,” he said.

Ms White died on Monday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. She reportedly shot herself after officers rammed into her and Mr Casey’s car, flipping it.

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ICYMI: Casey White’s first words after being arrested

Law enforcement officials revealed double murder suspect Casey White’s first words after he was arrested.

Immediately after police apprehended him on Monday, Mr White told officers to help his “wife,” Alabama correctional officer Vicky White, who had shot herself in the head inside the pair’s car.

Read more in Rachel Sharp’s report below:

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How Alabama inmate Casey White and guard Vicky White stayed on the run for 10 days amid nationwide manhunt

Double murder suspect Casey White managed to evade police for 10 days thanks to the help of correctional officer Vicky White, who broke him out of jail.

Though their escape ended Monday with a flipped car and Ms White dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, they were able to keep off police radar for more than a week.

How did the couple manage to stay on the run for as long as they did?

Rachel Sharp has the details in her story below:

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Alabama sheriff says Casey White will be ‘shackled’ in his cell ‘24/7’

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told Dan Abrams that he wanted to keep double murder suspect Casey White “shackled” alone in his cell “24/7.”

Mr White escaped prison with the help of corrections officer Vicky White, who died from a self inflicted gunshot wound after police caught up with the fugitives in Indiana and drove them off road.

“I might hear from a civil rights attorney about that,” Mr Singleton said. “But I don’t care.”

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Sheriff says Vicky White’s death by suicide ‘doesn’t surprise’ him

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singelton told Dan Abrams that Vicky White’s decision to die by suicide rather than being taken into custody “dosen’t surprise him.”

He claimed that the weight facing her friends and family would likely have weighed on her more than the charges she would have faced following her attempt to escape with double murder suspect Casey White.

“Knowing Vicky and what she’d be facing coming back — and more than facing the charges, facing her family and co-workers — I was just concerned that would really weigh on her and if it came down to a situation like it did today, this would be the result,” Mr Singleton said.

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